Banking relationships

London Wall take all our AML requirements very seriously, and James Ramsden QC is on permanent retainer to advise London Wall and our clients on all related matters.

Opening and running a bank account is not as easy as it once was. The compliance process can be a minefield and banks have been known to close down customers’ accounts for no apparent reason.

Given the sensitivity that banks now have towards wealthy individuals, we carry out pre-emptive KYC, source of funds and security audits for clients, prior to applying for banking facilities. This can ensure that any questions the bank is likely to raise about the sources of their wealth can be satisfactorily answered.

We have excellent contacts within the banking industry and can introduce clients to banks with experience of the demands of high-net-worth individuals.

We assist clients in responding to the banks’ compliance, KYC and source of funds requirements, ensuring that the necessary documentation is fully and properly completed.

We have extensive experience of opening overseas bank accounts, and advising clients on the best jurisdictions in which to bank.